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UPDATE: I have deleted my account. On principles alone, I am not a Slytherin. I believe in workers rights, free speech, equal rights, feminism. I'm horrified at the racism and the need for power exhibited by Slytherins in the book. I don't like the house or its moral values. And, yes, I have traits the house prizes BUT I don't prize these traits in myself. I understand why I have them, but I don't believe they are GOOD traits. Therefore, I got rid of my account. Sooner or later, I'll rejoin the site, but right now I'm feeling burned by that Sorting Hat. (And, yes, that is how strongly I feel about it. I don't care if it's silly. It does matter to me. I might be a lazy feminist, but I am one. It's like the Sorting Hat said "oh you have interest in moneyed people, therefore you must be share the same politics as Dick Cheney." Yes, I like moneyed people, but they tend to be LIBERAL moneyed people who worked to make art and literature accessible to everyone, and who care that those less fortunate than them have liberty and rights as well. IT DOES MATTER even if it is just a fictional house from a fictional book about fictional people.)

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I said I wasn't going to make one these long posts, but I just finished rereading the book, and the changes made are pissing me off.

Now, I'm a longtime Potterhead. I know the films made changes. But there are some dumbass things they did that I just don't understand how JKR approved of.

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I said in my short review that the film feels very mid-1990s in both technique and framing. And it really does! It doesn't just move along like special effects films do nowadays. Everytime a special effect is shown, it insists on having our characters gasp over it (of course, they are gasping over something in the film, but we-as-audience are supposed to be in awe with them.) It boggles my mind that LOTR: TFOTR came out in the same year and pushed CGI so far ahead and was so subtle with it, while this one seems...proud of itself, for using the same-old, been-there canvas. I can understand now why critics were so dismissive of it. It reminds of Jumanji and Casper in being sooooo obvious of the special effects. It also employs the "make stupid comic remark during scene of danger" (NOT in the books) which were a big thing of 1990s actions films. (I note too that Klove took a swipe at Ron during the Devil's Snare scene. WTF does Kloves have against Ron?)

And I really hate to say this, but Alan Rickman just seems to be channeling his Sheriff of Nottingham performance in this one. Even the strut!
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For some weird reason, I'm suffering from Harry Potter withdrawal. It's like it's finally hit me that there won't be another book or movie. Now, I loved the actors, but I never really followed them during these past 10 years. I've loved the films, but I've never actually obsessed over them (same with the books: although I did reserve the last 3 so I'd have 1st editions).

But for some reason, now the film series is over...it's like: I have the desire to know everything. And I've discovered a few things:

~Tom Felton can sing! I knew he made music, but I never listened to it and  now that I have...must get my hands on everything (his Feltbeats videos on youtube are adorable, BTW) HIs interviews make me laugh too. I really love how laidback and witty he seems. On the basis of that, I'm searching for his films. (Now that he no longer has his contract required vampire white pale skin and peroxide blonde Draco look, I now also understand why women think he is hot.)

~Emma Watson has an awesome fashion sense! I love that she goes for edgy and unpredictable too, while still retaining a classic Hollywood look. And I think it's awesome she's getting a college education despite already being secure with her contacts in acting and fashion.

~Matthew Lewis. Now, I've always loved Neville as a character (was so happy that JKR redeemed his character the way she did) but I never paid attention to him until this last film. I always appreciated him a comic actor, but he never blipped my radar until this last film. (Admittedly, I'm shallow. I don't think I ever thought of him as ugly prior to DH2, but I never crushed on him either until DH2.) And I love how down-to-earth he is! Considering he's been acting since the age of 5 (per various sites), he has a real sense of normalcy and sanity (re: life outside the lightbulbs and flashes).

~Rupert Grint. I like his ironic sense of fame. It's very Ron-ish. Somehow he's the one I can't separate from his character, but I love Ron so much that I'm afraid I'll be disappointed in Rupert if I follow his career more closely. But I'm rather excited for him and he starred in a movie with Tamsin Egerton (my fangirl obsession of this year) and so I'll just go from there discovering his career. I think he's underrated. And I think he deserves more attention.

~Daniel Radcliffe. Of all the cast, his non-Potter career has always pinged my radar the most simply due to curiousity: will he be able to escape being labeled HP all his life? So I've kept up with it even though I've never actually zoned in on it (I have a vague feeling I saw him on Masterpiece a few years ago and, being a Broadway fan, I've also been aware of the reception his stage acting gets.)

Those are the main lot I'm obsessed with of the bunch, but I seem to be working my way through all the stars. (The veterans don't count. Those were the just the bonuses. I grew up in the 1990s when British actors were storming Hollywood, so that so many of my teenage favorites are in the cast has always delighted me.) But it is so odd to retroactively fangirl. Or maybe it's not, because I'm doing it with adult eyes: allowing the actors to have careers outside of their career-defining roles. But it's weird! It's not something I normally do!

Anyway, that was my random post brought to you by a person who is waiting for Pottermore to open up to mere mortals. (The early draftee period happened during my shit crazy 14 day straight no-days off work schedule. By the time I got home, the site had closed for the day.)
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