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UPDATE: I have deleted my account. On principles alone, I am not a Slytherin. I believe in workers rights, free speech, equal rights, feminism. I'm horrified at the racism and the need for power exhibited by Slytherins in the book. I don't like the house or its moral values. And, yes, I have traits the house prizes BUT I don't prize these traits in myself. I understand why I have them, but I don't believe they are GOOD traits. Therefore, I got rid of my account. Sooner or later, I'll rejoin the site, but right now I'm feeling burned by that Sorting Hat. (And, yes, that is how strongly I feel about it. I don't care if it's silly. It does matter to me. I might be a lazy feminist, but I am one. It's like the Sorting Hat said "oh you have interest in moneyed people, therefore you must be share the same politics as Dick Cheney." Yes, I like moneyed people, but they tend to be LIBERAL moneyed people who worked to make art and literature accessible to everyone, and who care that those less fortunate than them have liberty and rights as well. IT DOES MATTER even if it is just a fictional house from a fictional book about fictional people.)

The sorting hat placed me in Slytherin! I LOATHE the Slytherin House. I don't care if Severus Snape was a true hero. I don't care that they aren't all bad or corrupt, I hate that house. And that lame ass quiz placed me there! I AM A RAVENCLAW!

Now, I had read the sorting was silly, but I had no idea just how silly. That questionaire, that, actually determined people. No wonder there was so much outrage when the beta process was going on. Such simplistic questions and not that many. It's ridiculous!

At any rate, I need to process my feelings about this.

On the upside, the site is definitely overrated. I also understand why people complain about it. If this is what it's like now, I can only imagine what the beta was like.

But Ugh. Very pissed!

I suppose I can understand why I'm there. I do have my cunning, manipulative, and selfish sides. But they are sides I am trying to overcome. And I would like to think my good qualities (actually caring about house elves being treated fairly for example) far outweigh the negatives (WHY WHEN I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT POPULARITY OR POWER AM I PLACED IN A HOUSE WHERE THAT IS ALL PEOPLE CARE ABOUT???????)

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