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I'm beginning to think she's a one character actress.

Her characters in Monte Carlo, Country Strong and The Roommate are all uptight, neurotic beauty queens. In Monte Carlo, she's a poor man's version of Blair Waldorf: uptight bitchy, not rich but knows about the good life and the socialites within it. She even wears clothing very similiar to what Blair does. Granted, it's middle brow and not high-end, but it's very like Blair's. Her arch "rival" (played by Katie Cassidy) is even very Serena-like.

In The Roommmate, she's the crazy bitch with the dyfunctional family, who scares and manipulates people into being her friends or banishing them. Plus, she's rich and an art lover and fashionista. (And she pulls a stunt to get rid of the nice, if flakey, blonde girl.)

In Country Strong, she the uptight girl obsessed with celebrity and being famous, worshipping the blonde singer, who teaches her how to be looser, freer, in the spotlight. Also, she rescues the famous blonde singer. And Leighton's character is a fashionista (well, as much as a beauty queen is considered one) always trying to prove herself.


Now, I don't doubt that Leighton is talented, and it could be a coincidence that she is the uptight, in the shadows, follows the rules fashionista brunette cast opposite the free-spirited, flakey, in the spotlight, but 3 movies in a row!

Once I finish the verrrrrry boring Monte Carlo (I'm halfway through it. It's the kind of movie I should like despite its obvious and worn out cliches, but bad editing and snoozy acting is making the clock seem more riveting), I'm going to watch some of Leighton's pre-GG stuff. I'm hoping of those roles will feature a flakey, outgoing but impoverished girl who is a total geek with no fashion sense and no knowledge of high society. Something, anything, that doesn't make me think she is Blair Waldorf pretending to be someone else. Or
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Congratulations. You've lost a viewer. In retrospect, I never should have started watching again. But you lost me for good this time.

I stopped watching the show when season 2 started, because I wasn't a Chair fan.(I was a Derena and Dair fan back in the day.) I missed that whole season, andd didn't regret it. Somehow the season 3 promos and advertising pulled me back in. And, shockingly, I found myself loving Chair.

Then IP and the whole shitdown on Blair happened afterwards. My heart shifted back to Dair but I still hoped Chuck would be redeemed, even though I didn't want him back with Blair. I watched this season with increasing horror and shock. And, then, Monday happened. That was too far.Then, reading the interviews where those fucking twits who write the show tried to justify Chuck's abuse.

That is TOO much. I am done. Done! I'll still keep my membership in LJ GG forums because I adore the people I met there (and they are very articulate, intelligent and thoughtful and always willing to call the show on its shit). But no longer am I viewing it.

Now, to be clear: I'm still a fan of the actors (Leighton's got a great career ahead of her, and if the others are phoning it in, they can't be blamed when they have such CRAZIES behind the scenes running the show.) I'm still a fan of the fashion and the music. But as a feminist, I can't support watching something that negates the impact of how domestic violence affects women.


PS: I will freely admit I will probably still seek out Dair scenes on youtube and watch the BTS blooper reels. But I'm not watching the show live.

RIP Blair

Oct. 27th, 2010 10:37 pm
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<url=http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/10/gossip-girl-preview-no-sex-just-coffee-plus-rachel-zoe-gets-messy.html>Remember when the Headband was a symbol of Blair's power? Remember it was a reminder that she was a Bitch with a Heart of Gold?</url>

Now, I said in gg_feminism I'd lay off critiquing Blair, so I can't leave this post like this. I'm actually more appallled by Dorota's statement: "you aren't fighting with Chuck, so you're fighting with the help." Does Dorota have no memories of her wedding? Of Blair being so damn unhappy, she broke down in front of everybody and was afraid she had ruined D&V's wedding? Of Blair being afraid that if she and Chuck walked the happy couple down the aisle, D&V would be cursed because CB were in such a bad place? DOROTA ISN'T A CHAIR SHIPPER!!!!! Stop trying to make her the Chair's #1 fan, Josh Schwartz! It's NOT working

And, it's getting damn pathetic that the writers on GG are now trying Chair by having everybody in the universe tell either Chuck or Blair this season that they loved each other, that they were meant to be, are meant to be. If you believe in your precious ship that freaking much, SHOW it, don't tell it. And, for that matter LET BLAIR MOVE ON!!! And, then, we'll see if your destined couple holds up in the long run after Blair has a real love interest.

I love that Eleanor has gotten so classy since she married Cyrus. I bet she always was though. Once she let go of what she thought the UES expected of her, she just has loosened up and become a great Mom, a great friend, and even great to the help. Now, she just needs to get through Blair's head before it's too late.
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Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. Another rant about Chuck and Blair and they way they are written this season.

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