RIP Blair

Oct. 27th, 2010 10:37 pm
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<url=>Remember when the Headband was a symbol of Blair's power? Remember it was a reminder that she was a Bitch with a Heart of Gold?</url>

Now, I said in gg_feminism I'd lay off critiquing Blair, so I can't leave this post like this. I'm actually more appallled by Dorota's statement: "you aren't fighting with Chuck, so you're fighting with the help." Does Dorota have no memories of her wedding? Of Blair being so damn unhappy, she broke down in front of everybody and was afraid she had ruined D&V's wedding? Of Blair being afraid that if she and Chuck walked the happy couple down the aisle, D&V would be cursed because CB were in such a bad place? DOROTA ISN'T A CHAIR SHIPPER!!!!! Stop trying to make her the Chair's #1 fan, Josh Schwartz! It's NOT working

And, it's getting damn pathetic that the writers on GG are now trying Chair by having everybody in the universe tell either Chuck or Blair this season that they loved each other, that they were meant to be, are meant to be. If you believe in your precious ship that freaking much, SHOW it, don't tell it. And, for that matter LET BLAIR MOVE ON!!! And, then, we'll see if your destined couple holds up in the long run after Blair has a real love interest.

I love that Eleanor has gotten so classy since she married Cyrus. I bet she always was though. Once she let go of what she thought the UES expected of her, she just has loosened up and become a great Mom, a great friend, and even great to the help. Now, she just needs to get through Blair's head before it's too late.
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