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So many TV series, so little time!

I've only ever seen seasons 3-4 of this show, but hulu has made it available for a limited time (which is why I'm interrupting my Merlin marathon...). EoNM is a Canadian series based on the books by L.M. Montgomery (you have may seen or the read the Anne of Green Gables series, also by her?). It follows Emily as she grows up. Emily is destined to be a writer, and to overcome great odds.

What a turd! What a waste! Thank god it's over!  )
LMM knew what she she was doing when she wrote the book, and Marlene Matthews would have done better to have stuck to it.
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So I just discovered PBS has the episodes available for a limited time. So I'm scrambling to watch them before they expire. (Damn websites and their time limits! Don't they realize they are more stressful then good?) I must confess I wasn't interested in this show at first. Tumblr is completely to blame. It just kept showing up on dash, and the tags about it were so thoughtful and witty. So...I'm giving it another chance.

But a shallow note first. Benedict and that delicious wavy, curly hair! And those long coats with the collar turned up! And, then there is Martin, who brings on the adorable without even realizing it! He's like a teddy bear in his awe and astonishment towards Sherlock, but no afraid to rebuke him. But Benedict! Damn, he knows how to bring on the swagger!

1.03 This episode was the one that re-sparked my interest in the show. I caught it in the middle of the day being rerun on PBS and was automatically drawn in. (Although seeing the show constantly on my tumblr dash also helped!). It just flies by and it's so much fun. This episode does reveal Sherlock what he truly is: "not quite" heartless. But it's really subtle in the way it is shown: his little expressions, the way his words catch in his throat, his relationship with John. It also reveals the depths to which Sherlock is an genius.

1.02. Frankly, I don't even care about the cases. The relationships between the characters---however trivial--are just so well put together. And seriously! Could Sherlock and Watson be any more married? While I find the pacing slower than I what I had expected, the writing is really excellent. I also love that they just let London be: it's neither gritty nor glamourous, but is just the city.

1.01 I found the last half hour extremely predicable but fortunately, the show had reeled me in by then. The pacing was slightly off at times, and but the characterization made up for it. Even though the plot became creaky, the dialogue and very understated wittiness and snark is what kept the show good. I thought the actors did good bringing out the subtleties in the characters: underneath the uncaring steel, Sherlock has a tender, mischievous side. I think Sherlock could easily be played as a asshole (a la the movies and "House") so I'm glad this series--or the pilot at least--tried to show he's not as asshole, merely a loner.
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I think I can officially say "A Princess for Christmas" is hands down, the worst anything I've watched this year. It wasn't even bad in a fun to watch way. It was just bad!

Of course, it features all the requisite Hallmark stereotype and cliches:
~Single girl working at an independent shop (antiques--usually it's flowers though)
~orphaned children
~a frosty, unfeeling Duke with a single son!
~a snotty fashionable bitch Single Son is dating
~frumpy fashion that our good girl heroine will be wearing
~obligation prayer for better things
~a giant-ass Christmas tree
~servants who secretly do good

I can't figure out how Katie McGrath convinced the casting directors to cast her as a American. Cause she's not. And it's an American-produced production. But somehow she did. I don't watch Merlin but I'm getting ready to, so she was my main draw to watch this. God only knows why Roger Moore is here. Although I suppose every great actor has to have a stupid, superbly cheesy Christmas under their belts these days (because apparently you can't just retire graciously and leave us with memories of your golden days. You have to eak out every last bit of acting you have....even it it means starring in third rate TV productions you have no business being in. Even Kate the Great Hepburn is guilty of this.)

Were it not for Rick Perry reminding me via his imfamous ad that portions of America really do think like this, I would wondering what the hell is wrong with the Hallmark channel. But in their universe, people of colour don't exist. All kids need are a dad and single woman a husband. This movie hit both. I was hoping the Brits in this would have the sense to bring a sense of irony, or wit, or some "we KNOW this is sexist, classist bullshit" to their interpretation, but everybody was quite serious.

Even though you deserve to be spoiled, I shall snark away under a cut. Go get your drinking shots ready! )

I look forward to blogging about the sexist, racist, classist shit Hallmark will produce next year.

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