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So, I watched Castle last night and found myself thinking "that's exactly the sort of society I've had in my head for years." Being a midwestern, working class girl who leans more towards the princess rather then the nerdy side, I'd always assumed those types of societies didn't really exist.  But, lo and behold, apparently they do!

I also come to the conclusion that Chuck Bass is a more dapper, sophisticated version of steampunker. (Blair might count too since she doesn't seem to wear corsets just for the sake of bedding guys. And, you know she wants her life to be an Audrey Hepburn movie.) I think my version of steampunk would be somewhat similair to that, or the artsy fartsy takes on it in Gilmore Girls with the Poe Society meeting at the Inn or people modeling as Real Life Art or the Life and Death Brigade where everybody dressed up like Edwardians on vacation. (Damn, I need to watch that show again! I'm forgotten so many of the details.) I''m not quite nerdy enough to do a Comic Con version of Steampunk. Or want to do it that way.  

It's weirdly comforting to finally have a label for the kind of geekdom I enjoy. Right now, I'm in a bit of loner stage, but I am not opposed to eventually persuing if steampunk clubs happen to exist somewhere in Ohio.

A follow-up on my previous post: the pettiness is out of my system. I probably should give up on awards sites, but honestly, I do love the "high" I get when I get a Judge's Choice award. (I won one yesterday. As usual, I spammed the person tagboard because that's what I do when I win a big award: make lots of dorky thank you comments like there's no tomorrow.)

I need to post up some pics of my cat, Ziggy. I have them on Facebook but I have to post some here too. He's quite the mischief maker! One pic is especially priceless. (He fell asleep on the back of a chair and he had curled his hind leg on top of his head.)
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