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I'm beginning to realize just how deep and vast racism (or maybe erasure is the more appropriate term) goes in the Arrow fandom. It can be accessed mainly through shipping, but even how characters and/or actors are favorited, it becomes noticable.

What's even worse is that this is a fandom that does NOT think itself is racist. Oh, they'lll call out sexism (the squee threads were set up mainly to combat sexism) but racism? Nope. Well, we love Diggle, we loved Shado. Well, yeah, but loving a character doesn't mean you are NOT erasing their importance to the narrative. (Part of the reason I stopped shipping Sariver is because of bullcrap about how ~Sara and Oliver understand each other better than anybody else does. Fuck you! While Sara and Oliver argue round and round in circles, Dig and Oliver have actual discussions and GET each other's POV. And Dig has nailed Oliver's PSTD far better than Sara ever has.) (I love Sara, but she's NOT entirely selfless. Her selfishness is actually harmful to other characters and aint something to be celebrated.)

I can think of SO many examples and ways in which this fandom keeps muting/erasing/ignoring the POV characters in it. Ugh. 
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