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Just witnessed a white feminist on twitter mic drop herself. Can we say "tacky"? Who goes and mic drops themself? She was trying to excuse and justify the whitewashing of history on Agent Carter.

I would like note this feminist is an acclaimed fanfic writer in Arrow fandom, and despite many example of people of colour on Arrow, all her fanfics center largely on the white characters. Also, she's one of the founders behind TCLI and spends so much time preaching on her blog for Sara Lance, but when asked about not supporting POC, she's like "well, make a petition and I'll sign it." You shouldn't NEED a damn petition in order to talk about how POC are treated on the show.

Ugh. I had already unfollowed her tumblr, but her justification of Agent Carter and pulling out the excuses like "women-centered shows are always held to higher standards," 'dealing with racism would have overwhelmed the show" and other bullshit? Got an unfollow and block on twitter. (What you mean to say Frea, is "if they had dealt with history accurately, I would have been uncomfortable.)

Although one thing that is disturbing me: white feminists telling women of colour how to feel about their representation. I've sene this happen now first w/ Arrow and now Agents of Shield. And then pulling out "but Peggy Carter is important!" or "Sara Lance is bi, and I studied instersectionality, and you aren't being instersectional ignoring her to prop your fave black character."

NO FANDOM. That is a misuse of your privilege and it's disgusting. Sara Lance is bi, but she's also white. Sara Lance is bi, but she got more backstory in 1 season than John Diggle, a black man, has gotten in three. (And there are 3 black women on Arrow but fandom constantly erases them when mentioning how the show is treating women badly.)

As a white feminist, your only job is supporting to black women speaking out/about their representation. It is NOT to lecture them on "you need to support [white woman character] along side [your black characters]." But I keep seeing this happen.

I take about fridging on Arrow, but I don't conflate the fridging. Racism factored in Shado's execution and ageism in Moira's but that's not saying it's the same as bury your gay trope which Sara got. Yes, it's all forms of sexism, but different forms of sexism that impact representation differently. TCLI only focuses on Sara's fridging and Thea losing her agency (both white women) and ignores forms of harmful fridging. (You can't just pick and choose your sexist examples. It's important to address how they all impact differently due to interlocking issues, but prizing one fridging above multiple cases of others is wrong.)

I've been writing about this on facebook, and my sideblog tumblr, but wanted to add it here too.
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