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Would you believe I actually searched out a bad movie because I've seen so many good ones? Well, I didn't want to watch one that was intentionally bad--because there are bad reviewed movies that are good, or can be good--but I just wanted to watch a mediocre, mindless, shitty movie.

Watching movies has felt like a chore lately. And I finally pinpointed why. All I've been watching are older, foreign, classic masterpieces. Now, I have enjoyed every last one of them. BUT. I realized I missed watching current actors in current movies. I missed mainstream films. I needed a break from the art house.

I'm not a film snob and never will be, but I realized I needed to mix it up. But I really did need a movie that let me shut my brain off and just go along with the fuzz. Dick accomplished that, but it didn't feel like enough.

Well, I got my wish. I just finished All the Pretty Horses and, oh, was it bad! Mostly due to the editing. It felt like it dragged on forever. But it has made me excited to watch the 2 depressing art house movies I have on queue. And made me more excited in general to keep soldiering on. And watch more movies!

Tragically, ironically, and I'm not sorry for this, but the movie doesn't deserve this. At all. ATPH is my 39th movie!!! Which means, I've watched one more movie than I did last year. To think, it took me 12 months to watch 38 movies last year and now this year I'm just cramming them in!

There are pros and cons to cramming them in. (The pros: more good movies, more knowledge about what makes good movies good, and more exposure to cinema in general. The cons: it can get tiresome, bad movies are still god-awful no matter how well intended, and you don't feel like you are savouring anything. Also, books and TV shows get neglected. Well, at least if you're on a deadline site like hulu.) But the pros far outweigh the cons.

I'll be linking my review posts to my scrapbook. But if you're curious about my thoughts on all 39 I've seen so far, just hit the "movies" or "review" tags on LJ.

Oh, and I'm watching 2 more movies tonight. (Gotta hit those hulu deadlines. Or lamely try to clear out my 100+ queue of movies, miniseries and TV shows).
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