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I said I wasn't going to make one these long posts, but I just finished rereading the book, and the changes made are pissing me off.

Now, I'm a longtime Potterhead. I know the films made changes. But there are some dumbass things they did that I just don't understand how JKR approved of.

Kloves isn't a BAMF )

I said in my short review that the film feels very mid-1990s in both technique and framing. And it really does! It doesn't just move along like special effects films do nowadays. Everytime a special effect is shown, it insists on having our characters gasp over it (of course, they are gasping over something in the film, but we-as-audience are supposed to be in awe with them.) It boggles my mind that LOTR: TFOTR came out in the same year and pushed CGI so far ahead and was so subtle with it, while this one seems...proud of itself, for using the same-old, been-there canvas. I can understand now why critics were so dismissive of it. It reminds of Jumanji and Casper in being sooooo obvious of the special effects. It also employs the "make stupid comic remark during scene of danger" (NOT in the books) which were a big thing of 1990s actions films. (I note too that Klove took a swipe at Ron during the Devil's Snare scene. WTF does Kloves have against Ron?)

And I really hate to say this, but Alan Rickman just seems to be channeling his Sheriff of Nottingham performance in this one. Even the strut!
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