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So I finally saw the second half the special. Only 10 minutes of the entire thing devoted to the wedding! Cheap!

I LOL at the obvious product placing. "Look honey, Living Social gives you deals to go to Hawaii cheaper." Um, aren't you supposed to super-rich? Why would you need to go cheaply?

Don't think Kris and Kim will last. The things they said and did: it's obviously an arranged marriage. Kim came across as a spoiled, elitist brat ("yeehaw Minnesota"? Really Kim!? All that money obviously did get an education.) Kris as an immature frat boy (paraphrasing but "marriage is supposed to be about love. Why do I have to make decisions about table seating at the reception?" Um, because it's important that none of the social climbing Hollywood bitches or dyfunctional relatives kill each other.)

Didn't care for Kim's 3 dresses. Evidentally, even Vera Wang has her off days and Kim zeroed in all 3 of those off-day designs. They did look slightly better on tv though then they do in photographed.

Still can't believe how tasteless Mommy Jenner was in forgetting to get a car for Kris's family. Yeah, right. Like she accidentally forgot. Another moment that struck me was the polo shirt comment. While the Ks aren't racist, they certainly are classist.

The wedding was only 10 minutes long (dear E!, even dyfunct royals give more time to viewers to watch the ceremony), I thought it was tacky. It was too over the top. There were no personal touches. Well, I suppose there were but they were all Kardashian related. It's ashamed that the Humphries family wasn't represented throughout the wedding in either ideas or onscreen.
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I have a trainwreck fascination with this family. It's like I hate them because they are so tacky, nouveau riche and haven't done anything to warrant their fame. But their show...is weirdly watchable.

I got drawn in a few months back after Kim got married. I had heard of her/the family before then but never had paid attention. Catching re-runs on E!, I'm like "why are these people considered important? They are clearly social climbers in all the most obvious ways and emphasize the worst about Hollywood." But I can't stop watching!

I don't really like them, but on a scientific and psychological level, they make for interesting viewing. All that passive-agressiveness! The bitchiness! The Mommy Issues! The Drama Queen! The family hierarchy (poor Bruce! Always on the bottom if he's even remembered at all). I thought my family was nuts (and it is) but they are....on a completely other level. I've come to the conclusion that the shameless famewhoring is what keeps the family grounded. If they didn't have that, they would have to face their issues...and BOOM! It would all collapse. I mean, I'm sure they love each other, but MAN, they are competitive and ball-breakers/cunt-breakers. The famewhoring keeps their dyfunctionalism at bay even as it brings it up (although I'm sure a ton of it is pandering for the cameras).

Diamonds in a flower bouquet. Well....Okay! Thank goodness she went for the more elegant bouquet.

I'm already wondering on how soon the marriages will end. Kim has an advantage: she's been married once, but it lasted for 4 years. So, I think she would try to make her current marriage work. Khloe's "My family's meeting my fiancee 3 days before I marry!" and that whole crazy rush to get married after only being with a guy for a MONTH! I bet that will end as soon as the Kardashians lose their E! contract. And her whining over everybody not being initially supportive about it. Gosh, I wonder why! Kim and Kris handled their engagement and courtship much, much better.

I can't get over how noisy they are! Everybody yells all the time. Ugh.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow. I'm sure my eyes will drop from head at what passes for elegance and sophistication at Kim's wedding. (I make fun of dyfunct royals for their dowdy fashion sense on their wedding day. Of course, I'm going to make fun of Kim too!)
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