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(early posting cuz I'm working 12 hour shifts till Wednesday) (Year end roundup of 2012 NYR coming in 2013. I know, you're so excited. ;)) 

~Get a Macbook Pro
~buy an HD TV
~pay down my loans more
~find time to exercise even if only once a week!

Pop Culture:
50 books. Read at least one history or graphic novel. 
100 films.
10 documentaries
3 miniseries
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Posting this early cuz I have a crazy work schedule this week and I've basically hit my limit. I'm all filmed out until January so... And I'm Giving films their own post cuz I watched so many this year. 

The Final Tally: 230
English: 121
International: 91
Rewatches: 19

I've decided since I've watched more I get to rec more.

Film Recs, English.
  • Wild Target (2010)
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
  • City Lights (1931)
  • Things to Come (1936)
  • Carnival of Souls (1962)
  • Swingers (1996)
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
  • Down by Law (1986)
  • The Soloist (2009)
  • Midnight in Paris (2011)
  • What's Your Number (2007)

Film Recs, International
  • The Phantom Carriage (1921)
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc  (1928)
  • Playtime (1967)
  • Ugetsu (1953)
  • Summer with Monika (1953)
  • Daisies (1966)
  • La Haine (1995)
  • The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)
  • Babette's Feast (1987)
  • High and Low (1963)

stuff I learned about cinema or myself this year observations:
  • ~I like films better if they have good cinematography and blocking. I will find shitty films more tolerable if they are beautifully shot and will hate on films more if they have not only a bad storyline but bad scenery porn as well.(YES I AM SHALLOW LIKE THAT!
  • ~I have eccentric films tastes, neither highbrow nor lowbrow, but this is probably due to discovering that
  • ~....both international and English, mainsteam and indie, are full of racist sexist classist shit. The films I liked the most this year I liked because they had well rounded characters story etc
  • ~my introduction to Japanese cinema was the strangest ever (House, Princess on the Moon) and I was quite sure it would never grow on me. I stuck with it and now I'm a fan. But I had to poke around before finding stuff I liked.
  • ~I'm a French film whore. I'm also an Ingmar Bergman whore. I'll also watch anything Akira Kurosawa
  • ~I like strange films within reason but I don't like if the film is quirky for the sake of being quirky. The strange plotline should be integral to the movie itself
  • ~neo-realism is the most heartwrenching cinema EVER! and also rather soapy (everything is not just depressing, but really really really depressing)
  • ~My year was (not accidentally) HP cast and Avengers cast heavy. The first was planned but got derailed by the second. (I did manage to get through all of Rupert Grint's and Emma Watson's filmographies though!) I had NO idea though when I watched 'Restoration' I would be crushing on RDJ by the summer though
  • ~Too much of cinema relies on the Male Gaze. It's SO SO SO annoying seeing so many female characters reduced to objects. AND CURSES ON EMMA WATSON AND SOFIA COPPOLA for taking part in the Ode to the Male Gaze with their filmographies (Emma's non HP stuff).. But the films that got the female POV often got it right or at least had the decency to portray the female character as her own person. Surprisingly, mainstream films did a better job at presenting positive non-male gaze females than indie films
  • ~The films with the most off-putting 'why the fuck would I want to watch THAT???' descriptions ended up being favorites, or near favorites, or at least memorably in a good way. ex: Down by Law, The Warped Ones, House
  • ~Hollywood hates Asians. What Middle Eastern people were to the 1990s is what Asian people are now: always the villians whether they show up in whitewashed form or not.
  • ~Yes, I watched a shit ton of international films, but I realized that Africa, Latin America, and most of Asia was missing. Fortunately, a  little digging on google and tumblr means I can retify that oversight next year. (And damn you hulu for only having 'westernized' worldwide cinema).

On the film recs:

They are there because they have the a perfect blend of storytelling, character, cinematography, and opened my mind to the art of cinema. I also tried to pick films that represented my year as a whole (which leaned heavily towards film noir, biographies especially of musicians, food, Paris). It was VERY tough narrowing it down. Now, people tend to ignore my film recs , BUT IF BY CHANCE YOU GET BRAVE AND WATCH THEM...I WANT TO KNOW! Even if you hated it, and think I'm freaking nuts to like soandso film, I want to know. 

Important Film Life Lessons You Need to Know:
  • ~Never have an axe lying around house, because some shit-crazy guy will use it to get into your locked room and murder you and everybody else in the vicinity.
  • ~Your ears are NOT safe! Someone will cut, shot, or pull them off in an attempt to get you to talk...or not talk.
  • ~Woody Allan's France might be the most enchanting, but it's the the real France according to French cinema, let alone Paris. (I now side-eye basically all of tumblr now when I see which parts of Paris are always reblogged in photographs.)
  • ~Just because an arrow isn't a bullet doesnt mean it can't kill you. It will, just in a more ...memorable...way than a gun will. SEE: Throne of Blood. (You thought I was going to oodle over Katniss, Clint, and Merrida, didn't you? Although I have learned from them, don't trust anybody with a bow and arrow. Cuz you'll be dead before you blinked.)
  • ~Your secret sibling that you never knew about (or were too young to remember) wants to kill you because you basically exist.
  • ~Never assume a cat is a cat especially if you haven't been home in awhile (Japanese cinema OWNS this. OWNS, I tell you.)
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24-29 )

30. Keeping Mum
Imagine Mary Poppins as a homicidal murderer in contemporary England and you basically have this film. It's very British, it's humour is very dry, and it is definitely offbeat and quirky (although in an understated way). The film centers around a pastor's family in a small (very small!) town in the English countryside. They are bored, disenchanted, uninspired until the new housekeeper comes along. The acting is top-notch: Maggie Smith, Tamsin Egerton and Kirstin Scott Thomas particular deliver. Even though the reveals in the film can be spotted a mile away, the way they are unveiled makes for a treat. I definitely loved it!

31. Third Star
My mind is blown! This is one fierce, intensely brave, very politically incorrect film. James (played by the flawless Benedict Cumberbatch), dying of terminal cancer, goes on a camping trip to his "favorite place in the world" Barafundle Bay with his buddies Miles, Bill and Davy. If Hollywood had made this, it would have been trite, sentimental and "dying patient spreads his wisdom" cliche. The film takes a new, very different route. I loved it. It was painful to watch, but it was exciting. It also made an interesting contrast to the polished and precise "A Single Man." (TS is more naturalistic and unpredictable.) Definitely one of the very best--top 3--films I've seen this year.

32. A Room with A View
I love this movie, but I haven't seen it in well over a decade. How I miss Merchant Ivory! Yes, people still make period dramas, but no knew how to capture books and time period quite like they did. The costumes, the scenery, and the actors  are all top-notch. This is the type of movie that makes me wish I lived in Edwardian England: where enchantment and idyll are always lurking around the corner. Despite everything that is great about this movie, George is a miss for me. I don't feel that his character--why Lucy would be attracted to him--is made quite clear. Poor tragic, elder Mr. Emerson! So kind and yet so broken-hearted! I love his character! Helena! You were so young! I hope someone will make period dramas like this again: lush, vibrant, true to the book.

33. Die Hard
I'm so glad the days when lone, macho can-do-anything white male hero saving the world days are over. I'll take my Neville Longbottoms and Jean Greys over John McClaine any day. I know this is a classic action movie, but I found it stupid. The LAPD, the FBI and the press wouldn't be THAT dumb. Insensitive, but not dumb. I do like over the top silly action movies like "Air Force One" but this one....not so much. It required me to suspend what I know about reality too much of the time. Oddly, this isn't the first DH that I've watched (I've seen WAV on TV) and while that sequel was dumb, it was amusingly dumb. I also couldn't identify with McClaine because the action hero angle was pushed hard and often. I find one aspect of it rather hilarious: the 80s/early 90s archetype of the bad guy being super-posh, super-slick and always sounding Shakespearean in his sentences (because obviously back then the "bad guys" couldn't look like you and me).
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1. Today is a bad day. Everything that can go wrong is. Ugh! I wanted to buy new skirts from Land's End but they had none in my size, and one cute one that I liked was only available in regular. I sent a customer complaint. I hate being petite! I love fashion but loathe how that world thinks only tall, skinny women wear clothing.

2. My wireless is being wonky today. I have no idea why. It's not rainy or windy (usually when it tends to act up).

3. On the upside, I have been getting out more. At the Dance N Style, I went out with a group of ladies for drinks about 2 Fridays ago. It hasn't been since college that I went out for drinks (usually I have wine at home) so it was unusual but nice. 2 days after that I also went out to lunch with one of the ladies. They are all 20+ years older than me, but I'm getting used to having friends WAY out of my age range. (I'm 28.)

4. I cut my hair. It's very short and very low maintenance, which I like. Very easy to maintain.

5. I moved up the date on my New Year's Resolutions since half the year is done. You can see what I have and have not accomplished so far. I still have yet to open WMM and make a video. I'm starting to get the itch though! I also haven't watched a movie in 3 weeks, so I need to get back into the habit of doing that. But I'm almost halfway for books, so I'm doing good where that is concerned!

6. Tumblr has become my mindless addiction. My escape from the world. This is still my preferred site, over Facebook, to talk to people, but lately I've been one of those "don't want to confide anything because my life sucks for frivolous reasons" moods. Also, most of the places I'm on here are GG-related. I know I won't be watching the show next season, but I have to figure out other interests I have in common with my GG friends. (Plus, I'm still depressed about how Dair ended. And Chuck! Can someone kill him already? Ed wants off the show, so it can't be that hard.)

End of updates. Off to do the dishes.
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1. To read at least 50 books.

As per my last journal entry, I don't read as much as I used to. So I'm working on improving that. I like to read a mixture of novels, biographies and coffee table books. 

2. To watch 1 film (or more) a week.

I realized sometime last year that I tend to keep up more with movie news rather than watch new movies. Also, I've been neglecting my tv shelf. Since I know my way around online, I can find tons of old and new movies to watch online, and for the days I feel lazy, to dig out something from my own collection. I'm not counting movies that come on television though. It has to a dvd or streaming/download link.

3. to make at least 3 more fanvids

It's not that I've grown disinterested in fanvidding, but I'm grown distracted. I do need to work on making more.


I could add more resolutions but I wanted to keep the list simple. Anyway, I plan to make 2 (or more if the posts get too full) entries--1 for movies, 1 for books--so I can keep track of how I'm doing. So you know I'm not just reading/watching for the numbers, I'll also post mini-reviews too.
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Borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] evangelin1202 

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

LOL! "learn to play the chuck" sounds rather dirty. I wonder which Chuck the resolution is referring to? :D

So, a summary of this year:

Overall,  it has been better. Far better than the past 2 years have been. I'm still working a CRAPPY job at a CRAPPY place I don't want to be at, but at least I'm not unemployed. Which is good, since I have a pile of college loans, rent and other stuff to pay off. (I'm not a spendthrift but I'm not a saver either. The 'other stuff' is usually superfluous but I just HAVE to have it: a book, a movie, a cd.)

I've been able to keep my depression in check. I no longer take St. John Wort's for it, but I do realize that it is something that does affect my personality. (It's rather mild and doesn't immobilize me so I don't take SJW.)

The best part of this year was getting new clothes, losing 10 pounds (without even purposely trying to lose weight) and several mini-roadtrips to some museums and historical sites. I've also been reading more this year (or at least it feels like it).

I've become less involved in the fanvid community but that's partly because I've joined 2 awesome forums I found via google: The Royal Forums (about everything ever concerning royalty out there) and The Fashion Spot (about all things fashion).

I'm also working out my New Year's Resolutions for next year. I have 3 in mind.
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