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I started watching this show last year, but then got distracted by movies and more movies. This year, I'm making a concerted effort to finish off the TV series I started last year as well as to new ones. Which has meant learning how to re-marathon. I still can't watch 13 episodes in a day (and even at the height of my marathoning back in my college days never got that high) but I can manage 4-6 if I plan well.

This show drives me batty. The production values, music, and the majority of the actors are soooo good. But the writing doesn't match. Well, sometimes it does, but most times it is unforgivably lazy. Had I watched this show while it was alive, I would have ceased watching after seeing the season 2 finale. Fortunately I didn't. Knowing it's going to get darker, and change things up (and that ultimate it is cheese, even if it is brought to you by the BBC) has allowed me to give more allowances. (Another reason I don't watch shows while they are still airing: I generally cease watching them. If I think I'm going to get invested in a show, I'll just wait it out.)
general thoughts, some spoilers if you haven't seen the show )
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2.04. I wasn't too keen on this episode. It gave me Camelot deja vu with it's "omg love triangle!, angst!, poor babies!" angle. And while I shipped L/G last season, reintroducing 2 episodes after A/G has been set up as a romantic duo, left L/G seem unappealing and forced. The whole episode felt off though. It was either angsty love trio or Merlin acting like a dunce. I did like that the show called backed Arthur's beginnings to Roman mythology/history and I enjoyed the darker, rougher tone. But overall, I was hugely disappointed with this episode.

2.03. MORDRED! And a subtle callback to the previous episode (Arthur clearly still in love with Gwen, nicely done show!), and even fashion continuity (Morgana wears a red cape both times she's with Mordred). The execution was somewhat meh though. Considering the events of last season though, I wasn't completely satisfied with the execution of this episode. It felt more like a retread+ move forward, then actual organic plot and character development. The show has always had its formulatic tendencies, but it's really showing in season 2.

2.02 I hate this show! While this episode isn't awesome, it's an amazing start to a new season. Yes, I'm just going to pretend 2.01 doesn't exist. Gwen!!!! Ha! That is why you are a BAMF!, because you tell Arthur to his face what Merlin will not. What is more, you manage to make Arthur think about what you say and make him get all hot and bothered you as well. I love it! (Kudos to the show for the wardrobe upgrade too. Methinks Uther is still paying for a certain sin committed last season.) THE KISS!!! So beautifully shot and lovingly done. (Good to know they care about some things even if they don't others.) I feel it is too early to be shipping A/G, and yet...Bradley and Angel sell it sooooo well. Damn you show! The last 15 minutes crossed into awesome territory again. Most bipolar show ever.

2.01. Only 10 minutes into it and sighing at the huge step back the writers are taking. WHY??? What a lame start to a new season. And, what is with ripping of The Mummy? Really what is this? This is TERRIBLE season opener! Whoever thought this would be brilliant should be have fruit tossed at them! And what is with these random, shoehorned conversations? Clearly, this episode was a reject from last season with some tidbits added to make it "flow." Only Arthur calling Merlin in his room (to get out of bed shirtless for pointed reasons...) and Arthur/Gwen being flirty make this episode tolerable.The scenery porn--especially in the last 15 mins--is splendid too.
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