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My inspirion was dying. A slow painful death, but it was dying. It has been dying. It has a harddrive error "kernel stack error" has been coming up for the past 6 months every few weeks. Something in the hard drive is corrupted.

I've been wanting to upgrade for awhile, and since last year, have been saving for a new one. After much research, I decided on a macbook. I really wanted one of the new retina touch ones, but all the review say they are still not worth the cost yet. So after more research, I decided on a pro. It's hardier than an air and made for a computer addict like me.

Yes,  I know it's expensive, but my dell laptop was cheap, and every year had something that was a costly fix on it so in the long run it ended up costing me more than this macbook did.. Consumer Reports have long said apple products are the best, so if they are more expensive...at least the quality is there. Besides, I got it with my own money. A part of me is squeamish over spending money that cost pay off a loan, but I also didn't want to buy another crappy computer that would cost me more money in the long run.

Anyway, after 4 years on the Vista--and because of my problems with Dell, I ended up figuring on my own how do lots of stuff--this is a breeze. It's just so, so easy! It's not complicated at all. It is weird that it's so different from windows but it's not completely foreign.

My laptop is a 13 inch screen. Which will take time to get used to. Even though I use my kindle for streaming, my old laptop had a 15 inch screen, and this slightly smaller screen keeps throwing me off. It is nice though.

Right now, I'm converting all my avi and mkv files to mpeg 4.

I can't justify buying anything else this year though. Except for family, but not for myself. But it was worth it.
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UPDATE: I have deleted my account. On principles alone, I am not a Slytherin. I believe in workers rights, free speech, equal rights, feminism. I'm horrified at the racism and the need for power exhibited by Slytherins in the book. I don't like the house or its moral values. And, yes, I have traits the house prizes BUT I don't prize these traits in myself. I understand why I have them, but I don't believe they are GOOD traits. Therefore, I got rid of my account. Sooner or later, I'll rejoin the site, but right now I'm feeling burned by that Sorting Hat. (And, yes, that is how strongly I feel about it. I don't care if it's silly. It does matter to me. I might be a lazy feminist, but I am one. It's like the Sorting Hat said "oh you have interest in moneyed people, therefore you must be share the same politics as Dick Cheney." Yes, I like moneyed people, but they tend to be LIBERAL moneyed people who worked to make art and literature accessible to everyone, and who care that those less fortunate than them have liberty and rights as well. IT DOES MATTER even if it is just a fictional house from a fictional book about fictional people.)

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Yes, there are plenty of articles written out there for how to overcome it, except they aren't written for people like me. Those articles assume one has lots of friends, a sane family, and a fulfilling career. I know I am online too much. However, I can't go cold turkey from it like those articles suggest because:

1. My FRIENDS are online. I might  not know many of you personally; I might not know many of us intimately, but I can relate to FAR better than I can many of the people I know in real life.
2. My INTERESTS are online. Nobody I know in real life gives a fuck about fandom, about tumblr, twitter or livejournal. Nobody I know wants to discuss pop culture the way I do.

If I "broke" my online addiction, I would basically be left as a pathetic loser. However, I do think it is important to be online less as I do need to read more, watch movies more, and exercise more. Go out exploring my town more. It's been a 2 year struggle for me to overcome my dependency to being online all the freaking time, and while I still struggle with it, I have come up with things that help me to stay off it.

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Anyway,  I know this goes contrary to every "break your computer addiction" article out there, but it is what works for me. Not saying it will work for everyone, but if helps anybody, even just a little, then I'm happy with my contribution.

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