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1. Today is a bad day. Everything that can go wrong is. Ugh! I wanted to buy new skirts from Land's End but they had none in my size, and one cute one that I liked was only available in regular. I sent a customer complaint. I hate being petite! I love fashion but loathe how that world thinks only tall, skinny women wear clothing.

2. My wireless is being wonky today. I have no idea why. It's not rainy or windy (usually when it tends to act up).

3. On the upside, I have been getting out more. At the Dance N Style, I went out with a group of ladies for drinks about 2 Fridays ago. It hasn't been since college that I went out for drinks (usually I have wine at home) so it was unusual but nice. 2 days after that I also went out to lunch with one of the ladies. They are all 20+ years older than me, but I'm getting used to having friends WAY out of my age range. (I'm 28.)

4. I cut my hair. It's very short and very low maintenance, which I like. Very easy to maintain.

5. I moved up the date on my New Year's Resolutions since half the year is done. You can see what I have and have not accomplished so far. I still have yet to open WMM and make a video. I'm starting to get the itch though! I also haven't watched a movie in 3 weeks, so I need to get back into the habit of doing that. But I'm almost halfway for books, so I'm doing good where that is concerned!

6. Tumblr has become my mindless addiction. My escape from the world. This is still my preferred site, over Facebook, to talk to people, but lately I've been one of those "don't want to confide anything because my life sucks for frivolous reasons" moods. Also, most of the places I'm on here are GG-related. I know I won't be watching the show next season, but I have to figure out other interests I have in common with my GG friends. (Plus, I'm still depressed about how Dair ended. And Chuck! Can someone kill him already? Ed wants off the show, so it can't be that hard.)

End of updates. Off to do the dishes.
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