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Yes, there are plenty of articles written out there for how to overcome it, except they aren't written for people like me. Those articles assume one has lots of friends, a sane family, and a fulfilling career. I know I am online too much. However, I can't go cold turkey from it like those articles suggest because:

1. My FRIENDS are online. I might  not know many of you personally; I might not know many of us intimately, but I can relate to FAR better than I can many of the people I know in real life.
2. My INTERESTS are online. Nobody I know in real life gives a fuck about fandom, about tumblr, twitter or livejournal. Nobody I know wants to discuss pop culture the way I do.

If I "broke" my online addiction, I would basically be left as a pathetic loser. However, I do think it is important to be online less as I do need to read more, watch movies more, and exercise more. Go out exploring my town more. It's been a 2 year struggle for me to overcome my dependency to being online all the freaking time, and while I still struggle with it, I have come up with things that help me to stay off it.

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Anyway,  I know this goes contrary to every "break your computer addiction" article out there, but it is what works for me. Not saying it will work for everyone, but if helps anybody, even just a little, then I'm happy with my contribution.

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Or pull my hair out. Or rant in a post. Hmm. The 3rd option sounds best which is why I'm here.

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In less ranty news, I'm looking very forward to Ed Westwick's Chalet Girl. He's got himself some talented castmates: Felicity Jones, Sophia Bush, Brooke Sheilds, Tamsin Egerton, Bill Nighy. Plus, it's a romantic comedy and the Brits do those quite well (much better than we Americans do, at any rate). Even though it's your typical poor girl meets rich dude Cinderella story, I think it will be good! At any rate, Ed is playing a smily, happy, nice character which will be so refreshing after enduring him being so one-note broody and extremely tiresome as Chuck Bass. (I'm not a Chuck fan but I am still a fan of Ed.) I'm already loving the music from it. 

Which is something. I typically don't get excited about new music. But having sampled the movie's soundtrack, I'm fallen in love with nearly all the songs and will buy it when it comes out. I rotate most heavily between 4 songs though: "Bad Company" by This is Freedom, "Upside Down" by Paloma Faith, "Go" by Livingston and "Where We Belong" by Lost Prophets.


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