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I think I can officially say "A Princess for Christmas" is hands down, the worst anything I've watched this year. It wasn't even bad in a fun to watch way. It was just bad!

Of course, it features all the requisite Hallmark stereotype and cliches:
~Single girl working at an independent shop (antiques--usually it's flowers though)
~orphaned children
~a frosty, unfeeling Duke with a single son!
~a snotty fashionable bitch Single Son is dating
~frumpy fashion that our good girl heroine will be wearing
~obligation prayer for better things
~a giant-ass Christmas tree
~servants who secretly do good

I can't figure out how Katie McGrath convinced the casting directors to cast her as a American. Cause she's not. And it's an American-produced production. But somehow she did. I don't watch Merlin but I'm getting ready to, so she was my main draw to watch this. God only knows why Roger Moore is here. Although I suppose every great actor has to have a stupid, superbly cheesy Christmas under their belts these days (because apparently you can't just retire graciously and leave us with memories of your golden days. You have to eak out every last bit of acting you have....even it it means starring in third rate TV productions you have no business being in. Even Kate the Great Hepburn is guilty of this.)

Were it not for Rick Perry reminding me via his imfamous ad that portions of America really do think like this, I would wondering what the hell is wrong with the Hallmark channel. But in their universe, people of colour don't exist. All kids need are a dad and single woman a husband. This movie hit both. I was hoping the Brits in this would have the sense to bring a sense of irony, or wit, or some "we KNOW this is sexist, classist bullshit" to their interpretation, but everybody was quite serious.

Even though you deserve to be spoiled, I shall snark away under a cut. Go get your drinking shots ready! )

I look forward to blogging about the sexist, racist, classist shit Hallmark will produce next year.

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